False Bottom containers / by Ryan Alexander

Sometimes clients need taller boxes to block pedestrian vision for privacy, to block unsightly house components like gas meters, or to block pathways for security. Taller planters means more weight. More weight on a roofdeck, or hanging from a railing can compromise the integrity your home.

To solve the issue of too much weight on your rooftop or deck, we manufacture plant containers with an empty cavity and a false bottom. These containers will give the plants just the right amount of root space, while also reducing the weight of the large container.

With the CNC machine you can quickly create what is called “dado” joinery, allowing you to install ribs vertical ribs that will support the false bottom. This way the false bottom lays flat and level on the ribs, and the weight of the plant material is supported. Installing rib is a practice we use when creating planters of a greater width and height to give the planter greater

Once the plant space of the container is irrigated, the water will drip through the false bottom, into the cavity and out the bottom of the planter.